French Lavender Soaps from Provence

French Lavender Soaps from Provence. Lavender Harvest collection.

Lavender from Provence; a timeless modern classic that we know you absolutely love. Lavender is having a huge renaissance at the moment and rightly so.  With it's signature aromatic and crisp scent combined with so many beneficial properties for both mind and body it really is a miracle plant. It has relaxing and calming properties well known for reducing anxiety and aiding peaceful sleep  - try our pillow sprays, home perfumes and candles around your home.

The addition of Lavender essential oils and Lavender flowers in hand creams, body lotions and liquid and solid soaps means that your skin benefits from the natural antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties; natural and beautiful alternatives to those horrible antibacterial liquid soaps! These are hard working soaps perfect for doing heavy duty hand cleansing whilst looking good, smelling great and treating your skin. 

This collection of products works in so many ways - for you and your home and every day needs, as well as making fantastic gifts of very special products at really great prices. 


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