Garden & BBQ Cleaning

Garden & BBQ Cleaning

Marseille Soap, renowned for its versatility, is equally at home in your garden as it is in your home.

Highly concentrated, Black Liquid Soap is formulated with 100% natural ingredients and can be used neat or diluted depending upon your use. It will clean your BBQ, decking, furniture, tools AND keep your plants free from aphids and whitefly.

This gem of a product will do all the hard work for you, the only difficulty is deciding which of our range of products to buy!

Traditionally made with Olive Oil, we stock the 'original' from three brands, Fer a Cheval, Bleu Jaune and La Corvette. The scent is totally naturally and a strong dark deep olive. Our advice: if you have tried our products before then go for the brand you are most loyal to. If you are new here, which label do you prefer?!


The Variations:

Almond & Linseed from La Corvette; a lightly floral scent from the almond oil makes this a more agreeable product for some of our customers. We find it cleans just as well, particularly tiled and stone floors, whilst  the linseed oil naturally treats woodwork at the same time.

Olive with Lavender: Fer a Cheval have added the classic Provencal lavender fragrance to their Olive product, giving a slighlty bitter lavender scent that is softer than the original Olive and preferred by many of our customers, particularly those that use it for their laundry.

Almond & Linseed with Lavender: La Corvette's Almond & Linseed with a drop of lavender. A very Provence fragrance make this an easy product for most people to use.


Ready to use:

Black Soap Spray: diluted and in a spray bottle, this is ready to use on your plants and all washable surfaces. An 'everyday' strength, this isn't for the tough jobs, it's an easy option for indoor and garden plants and other general cleaning. 



Black Soap Paste:
Tougher and more concentrated than your standard Black Liquid Soap, this is preferred by some of our customers for ovens & BBQ's. With an option to add a spoon of Bicarb too, you really can do heavy duty cleaning 'naturally' and 'healthily'.

The Extras:

We all know the 'right tools for the job' always make a difference and whilst there are many options to choose from, and you will have some of those at home already, our range of accessories may just be what you need for your 'effortless' cleaning!

Copper Brush, this little inconsequential looking brush is small and mighty: use for your BBQ, Grill Pan and more. 

Scrubbing Brush: Not something you ever thought you would get excited about....until now; soft bristles with a tactile easy to hold and use shape, or with super stiff bristles for when you need a bit of oomph. Great quality and both repeat purchased by our customers.

The Cloth: Old fashioned big chunky 'mop' cloth, this, when you get to a certain age, is a smile making product!


Bicarbonate of Soda is a natural and multipurpose household cleaner. Add to your Black Liquid Soap/Paste, or sprinkle neat, on areas of your home that need some extra degreasing and deodorising.

Sodium Percarbonate  is a multi-purpose natural cleaner for degreasing, whitening, stain removing and purifying. Known as the 'Green Bleach', all households should consider using this. 


Wow, this is a super Citronella Dry Oil. We struggled to keep it in stock last year, made with two pure Citronella Oils, that's it. With an intense scent that lasts all day it is ideal for anyone that attracts the bites things!


Black Liquid Marseille Soap, call if we can help with product advice!