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Soap Travel Essentials

What to pack? If you are anything like me you will start with a bed covered in clothes and accessories whilst the bathroom floor is covered with the ‘long list’ of toiletries that need refining down, and down and down…. unless it’s for a short work trip where I have packing light streamlined and finely tuned. 🤔

But what do you actually need? Whilst to some extent that will depend upon your destination and the length of your trip, the exceptional multi-purposness of traditional Marseille Soap lends itself perfectly to packing for your travels no matter where you are heading.

Keep Bugs Away

Citronella spray jumped straight to the top of our 'hero' products last year when we introduced it to the UK and for a while we struggled to keep it in stock. 100% Natural, made simply with two types of citronella oil. It has a strong intense scent on application which settles to a subtle fragrance that lasts all day. A dry oil formula it also leaves your limbs with a beautiful, healthy sheen. Or just use a drop on your bedding or in your hair.

You could also consider using one of our Citronella Soaps first. Perfumed they are a very different product to the spray but will give your skin a dose of a fragrance to keep the bugs away! Choose from a citronella soap with a sweet almond oil formulation or shea butter

Effortless Travel With Soap Cases

Why risk random soaps in the places you stay when you can take your own with you? If you are looking for a soap case for travelling, look no further than this popular travel tin. This little gem is light weight and includes a removable drainer tray. It's a great buy and has proved really popular since we bought it into our range last autumn.

Multipurpose Soap for Travel

Savon de Marseille, we've said it before, we will say it again, this is probably the most versatile soap in the world. The only product you actually need to travel with this comes in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. This will cover your emergency laundry, swimsuits, dog collars, bibs and kids! You can use it as shampoo, in the shower and to soothe the bites you acquired when you didn't buy our Citronella Spray!

Travelling with kids or clumsy adults? Pop a stain bar in your bag. It won't take up much room and will effortlessly remove stains from your Airbnb carpet, to your favourite dress. 

Skin-soothing Soap for Travel

Sunburn? Windburn? Waterburn? Coldburn? All of these issues can be eased with Maison Berthe Guilhem's Arnica Balm. A little goes a long way and we can vouch for the fact that it really does soothe skin suffering from weather related trauma!

Maison Berthe Guilhem's hand balm for deeply nourishing dry skin on arms, legs and shoulders. Great for 'pre-tan prep' and also as a follow up to the arnica balm as your skin calms and the 'burn' subsides. 

Travel Size Fragranced Marseille Soaps

We know some of you love a liquid soap. So we have our best selling fragrances available in 250ml bottles which make them easier to travel with. Our small liquid soaps are perfect for travelling, and are formulated with coconut oil and are free from SLS's and parabens. You can use these for hands, body, hair and in an emergency your clothes too. Verbena? Provence? Olive? Rose? Honey? Monoi? Pathcouli? Almond? Oriental Verbena? Which will you choose? 

Wrapped Guest Soaps are also ideal for travel or to gift to hosts or random people you meet on your expedition. Some customers of our take candles or diffusers for this reason too.  

Solid Shampoo & Shaving Bars for Travel

Our range of solid shampoos and shaving soaps soaps are the perfect accompaniment when it's difficult to travel with liquids. For the shampoo bars we suggest using a beeswax wrapper that you will find in a kitchen shop, to wrap your soap in. Suitable for all hair types is the olive oil and shea butter shampoo bar from Fer a Cheval.

Also, Berthe Guilhem have the juniper and tea tree goat's milk shampoo bar for oily hair, the kaolin goat's milk shampoo bar for normal hair and the lemon verbena goat's milk shampoo bar for dry hair

Wherever you are travelling, whoever you are going with, we are sure we can help you find a minimal selection of products to keep the weight of your bags down and for you to relish and enjoy. 

As ever, we are happy to help so give us a call 01423 803080.