Fresh crisp linen

Fresh crisp linen


Don't you just love the smell of fresh crisp linen and washing line dried sheets? But we know that's not always possible when you live in a flat or don't have a garden or it never seems to stop raining (or even worse - it only rains when you put the washing out!). We use our scented linen bags, scented drawer sachets and pillow or room mists to bring that fresh and clean feeling into our homes and it is amazing what a difference a little spritz here or a scented bag tucked in the towel cupboard can make. 

We have become big fans of our scented laundry products and try to convert as many of our friends as possible, we know the world is a complicated and stressful place but really truly a squirt of Lavender & Olive Pillow Mist on your bed linen really does make a difference! It has an uplifting and comforting effect - definitely worth a try.

We are getting that fresh air feeling, why not try it too?

 New embroidererd linen lavender squares 

Stain removing Marseille Laundry soap

 Lavender & Olive Pillow Mist

Lavender & Olive Essential Oils Room Spray