Porquerolles..... a little piece of heaven

Porquerolles..... a little piece of heaven

Shhhhh don't tell anyone about this heavenly place. A tiny island just off the Cote d'Azur, where no cars are allowed so we got on our bikes to reach the hotel and the beaches but other people get on their yachts.....

Heavenly beaches, fabulous mountain biking and walking through wild forests and along cliff top paths, gentle breezes heady with the scent of lavender, garrigue, wild thyme, mimosa and honeysuckle. Beaches with golden sand and crystal clear blue sea, breathtaking views which ever way you look. A magical place of untouched beauty......keep the secret!

Scents and natural fragrances such as Pine, Garrigue, Verbena, Lavender, Mimosa, Honeysuckle, Fig and Thyme sum up this island and to us they are the reason we have Frenchsoaps - little bars of fragrant memories and treats.  



How come Donkey's are good for Itchy skin? Am I being an Ass?
Natural soy wax scented candles, handmade in France