We are very excited to welcome Tadé Pays du Levant to the Frenchsoaps family. Tadé are the leading importer of Aleppo soaps and work in partnership with master soap makers of this famous and exceptional soap. Aleppo soap is the world's first known soap and it owes its reputation and extraordinary benefits to the fruit of two trees: Olive and Bay Laurel. For centuries Olive Oil has been saponified according to tradition resulting in a green paste. This is poured onto the ground and when set, is cut into cubes and stacked into columns to be air dried. When fully matured the soap has a rust brown crust, a hard exterior that hides a softer olive green interior. The resulting Aleppo soap is natural and mild, using the minimum number of ingredients. Available in a traditional bar, liquid soaps and shampoo. No parabens, no preservatives, no colourings, no fragrances - just pure, mild and natural.

Tadé also produces a number of other natural beauty products using natural ingredients such as Shea Butter, Dead Sea Salts and precious plant and flower oils, creating a very natural range of skin care products. Try them out now. See our specialist soaps collection HERE