Durance - who are they then?

Durance - who are they then?

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We've stocked Durance home scenting, body and bath products for a few years now and we are always impressed with their quality and provenance. For many people Durance products sum up Provence; pretty bottles, fragrant clean scents, dreamy and romantic styling. Here's a bit of background on this gem of a company: 

Durance is a family run company founded and based in Grignan, Provence. They take their inspiration from the region surrounding them and base their products on the natural plants, flowers and perfumes of the region. Durance take pride in using only high quality natural ingredients from Provence and have worked hard to build close co-operative style working relationships with farming communities; organic olive oil from Nyons, organic essential lavender oil from Grignan and the organic Durance Ancient Rose grown especially for Durance in Drome.

All perfumes are made in Grasse to Durance's specific requirements using one of the top noses in the world and a minimum of 95% of ingredients used in Durance products are naturally sourced and all their products are free from : parabens, phenoxyethanols, sodium laureth sulfate and silicon.

Sounds good? Yes and they smell good too!