Savon de Marseille cubes - the real deal

Savon de Marseille cubes - the real deal

These soaps are the real deal, genuine Marseille soaps, famous across the world. An iconic soap. Made with 72% vegetal oils - Olive oil,  sustainable Palm oil and Coconut oil, in a traditional way using a copper cauldron in Marseille. pH neutral, no additives, simply made. Naturally biodegradable, very kind to skin, used the world over for dry and sensitive skin. The Lavender and Violet cubes have added flower pieces and essences from Provence in France.

These soaps are great for the utility room, outside sinks/taps, great for shower rooms and teenage boys who don’t want fancy soap or have problem skin. They last for ages, are very kind to your skin and great for your hair too (yes!).

It is a very versatile soap; many of our customers buy this soap for washing clothes as an effective alternative to washing detergents. Use by the block for handwashing or grate the soap and pop in the washing machine, not only is it free of chemicals it is biodegradable too. We love it and we know our customers love it too - it’s one of our best selling French Soaps!

Savon de Marseille comes in a variety of forms, different sized cubes, slices (or tranches) and Liquid Marseille soap too - see the full collection HERE 



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