I didn't know I needed that

I didn't know I needed that

At French Soaps UK we stock a small collection of accessories, all sourced to offer great quality products that compliment our soaps.

We are delighted that some of our finds have became ‘can’t live without’ products for some of our customers. So, what didn’t you know you needed?


Top 5 Products you didn’t know you needed in 2024

1) Pot Brush

  • This little gem cleans just about everything without scratching. Use with our soldid dishwashing soap or traditional Savon de Marseille. This can be used around the home, for grouting, washing up, disrupting stains and more.

    Our pot brushes come with a short handle or no handle. Which will you choose?

2) Scrubbing Brush 

  • We will leave this to one of our customers, who says "I couldn't imagine ever wanting to own a scrubbing brush. Then I realised they make swift work of cleaning bathroom tiles and shower trays.... The design is very nice - good ergonomics and it looks good. I don't mind having this brush out on show."

    Choose from Soft or Stiff Bristle Scrubbing Brushes, both shaped, easy to hold and made with natural fibres.

3) Grill Brush

  • Small and perfectly formed this brush is made with a mix of copper and brass. Non scratchy it gets into difficult to reach spots without being too big. Use on your grill & BBQ, coffee machine, or stone masonry projects around the garden.

4) Long Handled Washing up Brush

5) Mop Cloth

  • What can we say, this is a great big old fashioned mop cloth for using on your floor or for your dishes. We are totally in love. Versatile, properly made and a joy to use.

Do reply and tell us your favourite.