Seasonal Gift Guide Summer 2024

Seasonal Gift Guide Summer 2024

Seasonal Gift Guide Summer 2024

Practical, tactile, mostly fragrant and little every day luxuries, whether you want to spoil and treat somebody, send a little something to say ‘We are thinking of you” or gift a present that will be relished and used we are sure we can help you find the perfect present whatever the occasion.


Our Top 5 Gifts for Summer 2024

1) Citronella Set: Ok, there are a few lucky ones out there who seem immune to the bugs and bitey things, for the rest of us this, and our Citronella Oil, are an absolute must. This set is beautifully packaged making it a 'gift they will thank you for'. 

2) Rose Musk Perfume: What do Provence and England have in common? Roses & Lavender abound in both throughout the summer. This Rose Musk Perfume is expertly crafted by an independent perfumer in Grasse to give a pure and sophisticated (the musk brings depth and balance rather than muskiness) scent. We are certain this will be devoured by those that love a Rose fragrance. 

3)  Lemon & Chrome Rotating Soap: An Icon. This regularly features in our seasonal gift guides and we aren't going to apologise about that. A winner whoever you are buying for. Other soap fragrances are available as well as a Brass or Brushed Steel finish on the wall arms.  

4 ) 2 kg bar: If you are looking for a statement gift for somebody that is difficult to buy for, choose this. A massive 2kg bar of authentic, hypoallergenic, 100% natural and the most versatile soap in the world. 

5 ) Lavender Gift Set: Lavender + the oldest Savonnerie in Marseille: for those that love tradition and fragrance this set features solid and liquid soaps along with a small" traditional savon de Marseille. '


Top 5 Gifts for Men Summer 2024

1) Six Pack: This will make him feel good, his very own 'six pack' with no work involved! A mix of 6 fragranced soaps for men, this is an easy 'gift he will thank you for'.

2) Goat Trio mens: Since we launched Maison Berthe Guilhem in April this year we have seen more and more of our male customers turning to this as their regular soap. Made with 100% natural origin ingredients and pure plant and essential oils, these soap bars are made purely of 'the good stuff' and  contain no colour, nasties or additives, and can be used for face body and hair.  This Trio features our Men's favourites bundled up with a saving over buying the bars individually. 

3) The Man Trio: Topping our Men's repeat purchases The Man Trio is one of our core Bundles. With three supersize bars made exclusively for us in Nag Champa (Sweet Sandalwood), Marine (fresh and clean), and Herbs de Provence (aromatic) we are certain he will be delighted with this. 

4) The Essentials: It may be cliche but men do love a practical gift, particularly things they wouldn't necessarily find or buy for themselves. The Essentials includes the two iconic and multipurpose soaps from Marseille along with a handy little brush & user guide. He will be amazed by the versatility, simplicity and effectiveness. Gifting this may even result in those little extra jobs being done around your home!

5) DIY: Simple, practice, tactile, this soap on a rope (can also be used on a Provendi Wall Arm), is made with shea butter and a variety of natural herbs renowned for their degreasing properties. For the home DIY enthusiast. Can be hung in the garden, shed, garage, utility room or wherever he chooses!


Top 5 Gifts for Couples Summer 2024

1) Montelimar Trio: This has been in our core range for 5 years now. Featuring three of our supersize soap bars that are made exclusively for us in 3 unisex fragrances. Ideal for baths & showers this is a super gift for couples to share.

2) Cedar Rotating Soap & Brushed Steel Wall Arm: Iconic, these wall arms are also economical. Brushed Steel suits many home interiors and cedar is a neutral unisex fragrance. Practical and personal, this make a fun, creative and interesting gift for them.

3) The Fruity Fragrances with Organic Goats Milk: The Fruity Fragrances features 4 soap bars made with pure essential oils and organic Alpine Goats Milk. Not too sweet, these scents are rounded and true making them easy use, enjoy and share with loved ones. 

4) This Fig Diffuser from Geodesis is reminiscent of the famous Diptique fragrance. A head turner that fills a room and can be used by all. An elegant gift for most homes. 

5) Provence Selection: Little luxury for every day, handmade by a family savonnerie in Provence this collection of soaps features fragrances reminiscent of travelling through the countryside in the south of France. 


Top 5 Gifts for Women Summer 2024

1) The Riveira Trio: Our supersize bars, made exclusively for us, in three female focused fragrances. Fresh, floral and clean with sophisticated fragrances these large bars always delight!

2) Flowers of Provence: We love the contemporary colours and classic fragrances in this collection. When we introduced it as a seasonal bundle last year it sold out instantly, then again, and's now part of our core range and we can't imagine why anyone would be disappointed with this as a gift.

3) Flower Show Favourites: We took our lead from our customers and have bundled up this collection based upon reactions and buying at this years Harrogate Flower Show. These Almond Oil bars are gentle and non drying with very 'true' and honest fragrances.

4) Goat Best Sellers: These soaps really are made with the good stuff, organic olive and coconut oils, cold saponified with organic alpine goats milk and pure plant and essential oils. This is a trio of our top selling fragrances for those that love quality.

5) Neroli Diffuser: Rich, floral and luxurious Neroli feels a real treat. An everyday luxury that exudes opulence!


Top 5 Thank You Gifts to take to Parties and Events Summer 2024

1) Guest Soaps: Cute, useful, colourful, this little bars are boxed and ready to say 'thank you' with. 

2) Citronella Set: Did the invite say 'join the bitey things'? We thought not, so help your hosts by gifting this ready packaged citronella oil diffuser set. 

3) Home Heroes: She will want the place tidy and clean, he will want effortless work. This set will make cleaning up something to smile about and ensure you are invited next time!

4) Ceramic Cube: This will elevate most Kitchen or Cloakrooms and we are sure your hosts will enjoy filling this with their favourite, or ordinary!, liquid soap. Available in Olive, Black, Ivory and Lavender.

5) Soap on a Rope: Tactile and retro, authentic and natural, they will love it and so will you. Perhaps buy two so you have one to keep!


Top 5 gift for Families Summer 2024


1) Almond Rotating Soap & Brass Wall Arm: We hear from our customers so often about their children or grandchildren, even teenagers, suddenly wanting to wash their hands all because they love these rotating wall arm/soaps. Economical, family friendly and mess free, they really are our number one gift for families. Other fragrances and finishes are available.

2) Aqua Mandarine Gift Set: Take the oldest savonnerie in Marseille, add their expert know how and combine with a contemporary fragrance and you find this gift set from Fer a Cheval. With a liquid, bar and traditional soap all ready to present, this is a lovely gift to families for multigenerational use. 

3) The Milk Bars: Nourishing, free from nasties, square in shape and neutral in fragrance, this range of bars is safe to use for the whole family and the fragrances will not offend young or older noses!

4) Goats Milk Soaps: 100% natural ingredients, these soaps are full of the good stuff. Organic Olive and Coconut Oils are cold saponified with plant oils. With out fragrance, additives, preservatives, sulphates, paragons, colour, or essential oils. These soaps can be used from baby age to 100 age!

5) Enamel Dish & Soap; Easy to clean, a splash of colour, difficult to break, just add a soap bar and gift a practical and useable present.



This summer let us help you find the prefect gift whatever  the occasion and whoever the recipient. Give us a call, WhatsApp or chatll, which ever your prefer we will be happy to help. 

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