Well James Martin has certainly caused a stir with his wall mounted French soap in his new Home Comforts series on BBC 1 15.45 on a Tuesday (Repeated on BBC2 on Saturday at 12.00) See Here for more details. He has the classic French rotating soap on his wall above his kitchen sink with the Lemon Soap and we have had lots of enquiries ever since! 

Its a classic and enduring design: simple, neat and useful and the soaps that fit on the unit are big (270g) without being bulky and of course smell gorgeous too. The soap lasts for about 800 washes so could easily last 6 months even in the kitchen!  

We have the wall mounted unit in a number of finishes to match your kitchen, bathroom, utility room or outdoor area - choose from a matt steel finish, chrome or brass. Lots of refills to choose from too: James uses the classic Lemon which is our best seller, but you might prefer a white soap so go for the Donkey's Milk refill. In my opinion you can never be disappointed with Lavender and it is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-sceptic too. All of our standard refills are classic French Marseille soap made with organic Argan Oil gently fragranced and moisturising. Why not try the exfoliating Gardeners Soap or the Cooks soap, both specially formulated with essential oils to take extra care of hardworking hands. 

Authentic, useful, easy to fit and with lots of choice of refills. These rotating soap holders and soaps make great gifts too. 

If you want one NOW click on the buy button below or have a look at our range on our website. Click HERE to find out more.