A day trip around the Marseille coast

A day trip around the Marseille coast

We went for a day trip today, setting off from Provence at 6.30 in the morning and ending up in Les Goudes, a typical fishing village at the end of the road out of Marseille. This small town has breathtaking views of the bay of Marseille and is the kicking off point for exploring the Calanques National Park. It's also stuffed with unassuming fish restaurants that serve the most spectacular dishes in a friendly and frenzied manner. 

We accompanied the "film club" five 14 - 20 year olds who carried the living room rug, 2 wooden stools and a standard lamp across the rocky paths to a tiny tranquil bay for filming the current project. Us adults spent the entire time looking and failing to find a cup of coffee and in the end had a banana on the rocky shores soaking up the scorching sun. Apparently the area is loved by nudists but we didn't see any - maybe next time.

A short but treacherous walk in flip flops over the rocks took us to the Baie des Singes (see photo above) a very pretty quiet bay with crystal clear waters, where the proprietor took great offence at us for asking for a coffee - apparently it has a fancy restaurant and doesn't "do" coffee. It's been in a French mini series recently but we're not sure which one. Anyway it was very picturesque but fully booked so we weren't allowed to stay - alas! 

All in all a very enjoyable day out. 

Marseille is of course the home of the famous Marseille Soap made with 72% Olive oil or sustainable Palm oil in a traditional way using a copper cauldron in Marseille. pH neutral, no additives, simply made with olive/palm oil. Naturally biodegradable, very kind to skin, used the world over for dry and sensitive skin. It's a very versatile soap and can be used in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry and did you know you can also wash your dog with this soap? 

Look for the Savon de Marseille cube mark, denoting a genuine product from an audited savonnerie your guarantee of an authentic product. We stock Savon de Marseille from the famous Savonnerie du Fer à Cheval.

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