Introducing our new Natural Antibacterial Liquid Soap and Natural Glycerine Soap Bar

Introducing our new Natural Antibacterial Liquid Soap and Natural Glycerine Soap Bar

Introducing our new Natural Antibacterial Liquid Soap and our Natural Glycerin Soap Bar from the Natural Washing Company. We’ve been working on this for over a year and have taken all the things that are important to us and put it in one bottle. As many of you know, Sandra and I set up Frenchsoaps because we are passionate about good quality soap made with natural ingredients that are kind to your skin, biodegradable and with minimum/recyclable packaging. We have wanted to develop a range of soaps made in Britain that encompass these benefits and we feel that after all these years we know what we are talking about! The Natural Washing Company is a perfect way of describing our aims and our products - simple, natural washing products that work. We wanted to start with antibacterial soap (liquid soap and a bar of soap) as we know that antibacterial soaps typically contain harsh chemicals and wreck your hands. We had no idea when we embarked on this project that soap and handwashing would become such big news. 

Our new Natural Anitbacterial Liquid Soap is made with plant based ingredients and extra glycerin to keep your hands moisturised. It contains a blend of Rosemary and Tea Tree Essential Oils that have been scientifically tested to kill pathogenic bacteria including MRSA and on the back of the bottle there are clear instructions on good handwashing techniques. As you would expect from us it contains no SLSs, no colourings, no artificial fragrances and no parabens. 

Our new big Natural Glycerin Soap Bar with Mint & Tea Tree is a handmade natural glycerine soap that comes unwrapped (no plastic). The glycerine makes this soap moisturising, it will not dry your skin. Mint and Tea Tree essential oils have natural antibacterial properties as well as a fantastic crisp and aromatic scent. This soap is amazing for your morning shower, a wake up treat! Also very good for regular hand washing at the kitchen sink. 

Hand washing tips: Wet your hands with clean running water. Rub a squirt of liquid soap/ soap bar between your hands to get a good lather and then rub your hands well (not in running water) for at least 20 seconds - this is quite a long time! rub your palms, back of hands, between your fingers, thumbs and wrists. Rinse well in running water and dry using a clean towel. For more on hand washing see the advice poster from the NHS (below). 

Good soap and thorough hand washing has always been important in our opinion but who could have foreseen how important it is today?