Rotating Wall Soaps from Le Provendi

Rotating Wall Soaps from Le Provendi

This is the famous original wall mounted Rotating Soap for hands, made in France by Provendi. It is such a great product; stylish, handy and fuss free and we love them. Read all about them here. See the full collection HERE

Economical - Plastic Free - Easy to use

  • Economical - This hand soap is BIG and it lasts for ages and because of the unique design the soap is kept dry in between use, prolonging the life of the soap by preventing it from getting dirty and soggy. The wall unit is robust and strong, it should last for years and continue to look good where ever you have put it. 
  • Plastic Free - at last here is a way to get rid of continuous plastic bottles of soap at your sink. The soap and wall unit comes in a recycled box, smart enough to give for a gift but easy to dispose of responsibly in the recycle bin.
  • Easy to Use - the unit is supplied with three screws for you to screw in place into a wall near your sink. It is suitable for use in the utility room, your kitchen, downstairs cloaks or your bathroom. It is also suitable for outdoor use. Your soap is never going to get lost, it's not going to be a soggy mess on your sink and it's SUCH A GOOD IDEA that the whole handwashing process is just a bit more appealing! 

To use for handwashing; wet hands then rub hands on the soap, rotating it to get enough soap on your hands for washing, rub your hands together to create a lather, rub your palms, back of hands, between your fingers, thumbs and wrists. Continue the rubbing and cleaning action for at least 20 seconds (which is quite a long time). Rinse well in running water and dry using a clean towel.

The metal unit

The metal wall unit or “arm” comes in three different finishes, brushed steel, chrome and brass, you will need to fix this to your wall using the screws included. The best position is usually to one side of your sink (or outside tap) - so it’s handy to reach but not in the way. The soap is slotted on to the arm by unscrewing the end screw of the arm. After slotting your soap onto the arm, the end screw is put back on to secure the soap. The soap can now rotate smoothly on the arm.

The soap

The soaps smell amazing and are a treat to use, they do not dry your skin. They are made with natural plant oils including coconut oil, sweet almond oil and certified sustainable palm oil, fragranced with natural plant essences, with no harsh chemicals. We have lots of different fragrances available (depending on stock and season) including the best selling fragrances Lemon, Almond and Verbena along with Lavender, Rose and Exfoliating Cedar. The soap is constructed around a metal tube, this makes the soap rotate very easily on the wall unit arm. When you have used your soap the metal tube can be popped into the recycle bin.

This is natural soap at it's best.