Soap of the Week - Mint & Tea Tree Glycerin Bar

Soap of the Week - Mint & Tea Tree Glycerin Bar

This soap is hand made and hand stamped especially for us here in the UK, supporting artisan skills and jobs. The soap factory we work with has been making traditional soaps for over a 100 years using hand made methods, minimal natural ingredients, very few chemicals and skilled staff to mix, stir, cut, stamp and polish each bar by hand. We think this soap bar is truly beautiful. It is golden and clear - you can literally see how pure it is. 

This is a very special bar of soap and it's ticking lots of boxes - 

  • It is naturally antibacterial - Mint and Tea Tree essential oils have a powerful antibacterial action, pretty much top of the list for a soap these days.
  • It is a high content Glycerin bar; glycerin (plant based) is a natural product of the soap making process, an amazing substance that is highly moisturising and has a plumping action on the skin. The glycerin helps to keeps your hands hydrated and soft.
  • It is entirely plant based and vegan friendly and made with minimal ingredients. No colourings, no fragrances, no SLS and no EDTAs. The beautiful golden colour is as a result of the natural soap making process. The scent is from added essential oils. There is not much else in this bar other the plant oils and a bit of sugar.
  • It is plastic wrap free - yay!
  • It smells amazing; clean, aromatic and zingy. A scent that wakes you up in the morning, makes you feel fresh and clean and has broad appeal with all ages and all the family


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