Why buy French soap?

Why buy French soap?

Buy French soap or a pair of boots? £2.50 versus £35 

Buy French soap or a have a meal out? £2.50 versus £45 

Buy French soap or go to France on holiday £2.50 versus £500 plus??

Let's face it, we all like buying things even when we know we shouldn't, we all feel we deserve a treat when things are pretty dire. And when you do treat yourself it lifts your spirits and makes you feel good. 

We think ..... French soap is the best little treat you can buy, with wonderful fragrances that perk you up in the morning and a creamy lather that feels indulgent and luxurious. French soap is much better value than a lot of other things you spend your money on and it lasts such a long time! It's something you actually need and use, it's kind to our planet, it's made with natural ingredients and no nasty chemicals and on top of all that - it smells fantastic and looks great in your bathroom.

There are some great offers on now so why not treat yourself and if you buy a multibuy we have made them even better value, plus there are enough soaps to give one or two away as a gift (only if you have to....) 

Special offer mulitbuys available now on our top selling fragrances - £15 for 6 soaps, thats only £2.50 a bar. Put those boots down!