Ingredient Spotlight: Donkey's Milk - what? really?

Ingredient Spotlight: Donkey's Milk - what? really?

UPDATED 4 November 2021

Ok let's be clear right from the start - you won't end up smelling like a donkey.

The French Markets and French Pharmacies have always been a haven of interesting face and body care products for me and over the years I have always been intrigued with the broad range of Donkey's Milk products available; soaps, hand creams and face creams. At first I thought it was just a novelty - but NO it's a BIG THING in France and they know what they're talking about over there. 

So why Donkey's Milk?

Donkey's milk has always been famed for it's health properties especially in relation to skin care and infant nutrition. Donkey's Milk bears a very close resemblance to human milk, much more so than Cows milk and from the Renaissance times onwards scientists and doctors on the continent and in France in particular researched and documented the effectiveness of Donkey's milk in infant nutrition, the care of the sick and elderly and treatment of skin ailments. It is a naturally hypoallergenic product and rare for human's to be allergic to, it has very high levels of vitamin C and fatty acids and many people find that it alleviates skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. What we know for sure is that Sandra (the other half of has very sensitive skin often suffering from break outs of eczema and she finds that the Donkeys Milk soaps are one of the few soaps that helps to soothe her skin and doesn't bring her out in a rash. She is always first in the queue to scoop up a few bars of Donkey's Milk soap when all the new stock comes in! 

And let's not forget Cleopatra who was famed for bathing in Asses milk to preserve her soft and silky skin. She apparently needed 700 donkey's to provide enough milk for her daily bath (Donkey's don't produce as much milk as a cow!). 

So why not give our Donkey's Milk soaps and hand cream a try? We even have a Donkey's Milk refill soap for the fabulous Wall Mounted Rotating Soap unit. The soaps all have a rich and creamy lather, they are moisturising and gently cleansing. The hand cream is soothing and nourishing. And they ALL SMELL GORGEOUS. See our full collection of Specialist Soaps HERE