Ingredients spotlight - VERBENA

Ingredients spotlight - VERBENA

Verbena and Lemon Verbena is an ingredient in a lot of our soaps, adding a citrus herbal scent that has universal appeal across all ages and all genders. It is an ingredient with a long heritage of herbal and medicinal benefits along with a key place in the perfume industry. Verbena soaps are amongst our best selling soaps and with good reason - they smell fantastic! 

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There are about 1200 plant species in the verbena plant family, verbena is a popular ornamental plant with white or lilac flowers and striking leaves that look similar to a mint leaf. Although the plant originates from South America verbena grows very well in the UK climate and its very attractive to butterflies and bees so another good reason to plant in your garden.

Lemon verbena is more specifically grown for its scent, medicinal applications, for food grade applications such as tea and flavouring and for essential oils. Lemon verbena leaves are very aromatic and release a lemony scent when rubbed. It is known as the "Queen of the Aromatic Herbs" 

Lemon verbena has been associated with many health supporting properties and has been used as remedies for all sorts of ailments through the ages. Lemon Verbena tea was traditionally used to aid digestion and treat colds, flu and high temperatures. It was also made into an ointment or a poultice to disinfect wounds and speed up healing and to relieve joint pain brought on by inflammation. There is good evidence of the following benefits although there are no supporting clinical trials: anti-anxiety properties, antibiotic and antifungal, anti-inflammatory and supporting of gum health and digestive problems. As you would expect there are also lots of other myths and legends regarding verbena's properties which symbolises romance and sensitivity. Verbena was very popular during Victorian times: lemon verbena leaves in finger bowls and tucked into hankies for the aromatic scent but also the possibility that it would help to transmit messages between lovers.