Earthy, deep, and sensual patchouli’s still got the reputation as having a hippie aura and is  known as ‘the scent of the 60s’. Surprisingly patchouli isn’t a wood, or a root:  it’s actually a delicate frilly green-leafed, purple-flowered member of the mint family, called pogostemon patchouli.

The name comes from the old Tamil words patchai (‘green’) and ellai (‘leaf’). These green fragile-looking leaves naturally produce a slightly sweet, nonchalantly spicy, weirdly smoky, cedarish and powerful scent. 

But how did it gain it's legendary status in the world of perfumery?

It all started from Patchouli being a fantastic insect repellent, effective against flies moths and other bugs. 

In the 19th Century a paisley shawl was the ultimate status symbol for a Parisian women. The shawls were shipped from India layered with patchouli leaves to keep them fresh and bug free in transit. As the ladies swathed themselves in these patchouli-scented shawls the Parisian Perfume houses were quick to embrace the scent and turn it into a desirable and sort after fragrance. 

Did you know that Patchouli is also a natural aphrodisiac?

A unisex fragrance and a year round bestselling scent at French Soaps the biggest decision is what to buy?

A bright colour and bold perfume from our range of Market Soaps, this soap bar from La Maison du Savon de Marseille s a really popular choice amongst our customers who love it's retro vibe. 

Savonnnerie Bleu Jaune's Patchouli is more subtle and a softer more sophisticated fragrance. They make this for us in a Marseille Liquid Soap formulated with coconut oil, as a standard or supersize soap bar, and an Eau du Toilette. We also stock their unisex shaving soap that is fragranced with Patchouli & Opium and formulated with pistachio oil.

Le Chatelard's take on patchouli is a straightforward 'true' honest fragrance and features in their 'extra gentle' range formulated with Sweet Almond Oil. 

Maison Berthe Guilhem's Organic Alpine Goat's Milk soap is a rare and really rather special soap, it is fragranced with Patchouli Essential Oil. This gives it an absolutely stunning fragrance that will not fail to delight any lover of this scent.  

For your home Geodesis offer a fragranced candle to fill your room for hours on end! A great asset in Spring and Summer when the moths are around. On this note, do consider using your soap whole or sliced in draws and cupboards to gently fragrance your clothes whilst keeping the moths away!