The secrets of the Natural Glycerin Soap Bar

The secrets of the Natural Glycerin Soap Bar

Natural Washing Company Glycerin Bars

Our new Natural Glycerin Soap Bar is as simple and pure as it can be, there are no added colourings or artificial fragrances, the scent of this bar is from essential oils Mint and Tea Tree which are famed for their antiseptic properties. It is handmade, using minimal ingredients, air dried on wooden racks, hand stamped with a custom made Natural Washing Company brass plate in an old soap stamping machine dating from 1910 (see photo!) and hand polished as part of the finishing process. It is made in Britain, we absolutely love it and hope you do too.

Glycerin, also known as glycerine or glycerol, is a natural humectant (or moisturising agent) that works by drawing in and retaining moisture in the upper layer of your skin. Glycerin improves your skin’s water content keeping your skin well hydrated. Using soap that contains high levels of glycerin is a great way to look after your hands and combat dry rough patches.

Our Natural Glycerin Soap Bars are made entirely from plant based oils and therefore suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Glycerin is produced naturally as part of the soap making process and because it is so highly prized it is often removed from the soap to use in other more expensive products such as moisturising lotions. Our Soap Bars retain the natural glycerin as well as having extra pure glycerin added resulting in a beautiful highly moisturising Natural Soap Bar. Producing a natural high content glycerin soap is an expensive process!!

Just so you know glycerin soap bars don't lather as much as ordinary soap bars and are also more prone to dissolving away if left in water on the side of the sink or shower - we recommend using a soap dish!