What is the difference between black soap and Marseille soap?

What is the difference between black soap and Marseille soap?

Black soap and Marseille soap are very common products that have become part of the daily life of many households. Indeed, these soaps are known for their simplicity and their effectiveness in many situations. But do you really know the difference between Marseille soap and black soap? We explain here everything you need to know about these two products, their particularities and their specific uses.

The difference...

The main difference between black soap and Marseille soap lies in their composition. Although both soaps share a common base, made from vegetable oil, most often this is olive oil, but can be Sustainable Palm Oil, Linseed Oil or Coconut oil depending on the soap and the Savonnerie,  salt and water, it is the ingredient used for saponification that varies between the products. On the one hand, black soap uses potash as a base, which is the reason for the soft texture of this soap. Black soap can also be bought in paste form when it is concentrated. On the other hand, Marseille soap uses soda in the saponification process, which allows the formula to harden into bars of Marseille Soap which are usually cut and sold as the famous Marseille Soap Cube.

Black soap, a concentrated product for cleaning

Black Soap with its unique texture, can be used in many ways around your home: Inside your home black soap can be used for your floors: it helps to degrease and shine your tiles and floors. Its degreasing power also makes it an excellent product to fight against grease stains on textiles for example, or to clean paint on brushes. Diluted in water, it is used to clean your windows, your dishes, the work surfaces of your kitchen and all household appliances (hotplates, stove, oven, etc.). It is also very effective for shine silver and copperwhen used with a clean and soft cloth. Finally use it as a spot stain remover, or diluted in your washing machine with a drop of white vinegar.

Outdoors you can use Black soap to clean your decking and patio, your garden furniture or for your barbecue! You can use it on your plants to fight against aphids and mealy bugs and to limit the spread of certain diseases and fungi such as fumagine.

Marseille soap, the soap with a thousand uses

Marseille Soap is a world famous product that has been the pride of the people of Marseille for generations. Its recipe has remained unchanged since its creation in 1856, and a small handful of soap makers apply themselves to perpetuate this century-old tradition by using only 4 ingredients and cooking in a cauldron.

The fame of this product comes from its remarkable versatility, Indeed, Marseille soap is a soap for hands and body, it adapts to all skins, it is often recommended by dermatologists for its healthy composition and it can even be used for your hair. Marseille soap is an excellent antiseptic that you can use perfectly to clean small wounds for example.

You can also use it for textiles by replacing your laundry detergent and as a stain remover. You can also use it in the rest of your house, from the floor to the ceiling. For this you can use shavings of Marseille Soap bought in packets directly or obtained by scraping your soap Cube, that you dilute in hot water. The liquid obtained can then be used as is as a pure detergents or add essential oils, other fragrance or products like baking soda. This mixture can then be used to cleaning your entire house; to wash your floors, clean your make up brushes, freshen up you leather sofa or to wash your dog.

If that's not enough, why not buy a small block on a rope and hang in your wardrobe, after all the traditional Olive fragrance acts as a moth deterrent too! 

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