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Christmas Gifts for Grandparents

Are you looking for a gift for your grandparents this Christmas and just don’t know what to get? We understand - finding the perfect Christmas gift for grandparents can be heart-warming, but also challenging. But don’t worry, we have you covered!  

Grandparents deserve to be spoiled just as much as any other family member, and with our selection of Christmas gift ideas for grandparents, you can show them your love and appreciation. Natural French soaps are a wonderful gift idea for your grandma or grandad, and unlike many Christmas presents, they will actually end up being used! 

Our grandparents tend to spoil us at every opportunity they get. This Christmas, why not spoil them instead with one of our beautiful natural soaps? Find a truly special, unique and memorable soap gift here at French Soaps. Our curated list of Christmas gift ideas for grandparents highlights our best soaps, gift sets and cleaning products for your Grandma and Grandad to put a festive smile on their faces. 

Our 8 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandparents 

Now let’s explore our handpicked collection of the very best Christmas soap and cleaning gifts tailored especially for grandparents. 

Bleu Jaune Cottage Garden Soap Set

The Cottage Garden Soap Set from Bleu Jaune is a delightful assortment that encapsulates the essence of a serene countryside garden. Each bar is a miniature work of art, handcrafted with care and infused with fragrances that transport you to a blooming paradise.  

The set comprises six distinct scents, each evoking the allure of nature's bounty. These scents are lavender, muguet, verbena, orange blossom, jasmine and rose. 

These artisanal soaps not only cleanse but also uplift the spirit, making the Bleu Jaune Cottage Garden soap set a luxurious treat for both the body and the soul.


Provence Selection

The Provence Selection by Bleu Jaune encapsulates the essence of the sun-soaked, lavender-scented fields of the French countryside. This exquisite soap collection is a celebration of Provence's timeless charm and natural beauty. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each soap bar embodies the essence of this region.  

This set contains:  

  • Provence – An aromatic mix of Lavender and herbs 
  • Olive – A delicate and fresh fragrance of olive 
  • Opium  - An exotic scented soap 
  • Fig – A soft and unmistakable exotic fig fragrance 
  • French Lavender – A classic Lavender soap 
  • Almond – A creamy almond soap 


Natural Multipurpose Spray With Organic Thyme

Okay, this one is a little different, but this Natural Multipurpose Spray With Organic Thyme from La Corvette is a unique cleaning spray which is sure to impress!

Boasting a generous 750ml, this natural multipurpose spray embodies a harmonious blend of efficacy and eco-consciousness. Formulated with organic thyme extract, this versatile spray is suitable for all washable surfaces, and not only cleans but also refreshes spaces with a soothing, herbaceous aroma. Its multipurpose functionality makes it an ideal companion for household cleaning, infusing each surface with a gentle yet effective touch.


Honeysuckle Marseille Soap With Shea Butter

The Honeysuckle Marseille Soap with Shea Butter from Bleu Jaune is a fragrant ode to nature's beauty and skincare luxury. Infused with the sweet, delicate scent of honeysuckle and enriched with nourishing shea butter, this soap embodies indulgence and natural goodness.  

Bright and floral, and handcrafted using traditional Marseille soap-making methods, it offers a gentle yet effective cleanse, leaving skin feeling pampered and supple. Shea butter, renowned for its moisturising properties, ensures a hydrating experience that rejuvenates and restores the skin's vitality with each use.  


Honey & Almond Gift Box

This is a beautiful Christmas gift for grandparents. The Honey & Almond Gift Box from Fer a Cheval features a classical Provencal scent blending warm honey, powdery almond, hints of orange blossom, and citrus. 

Enriched with glycerine, this liquid soap boasts a cleansing mix of coconut oil for rich foam and sweet almond oil, ensuring a delicately scented and easily rinsed creamy lather. 

Handcrafted in cauldrons by Fer a Cheval master soapmakers, the bar contains vegetable oils like sweet almond and shea butter for added richness. 

Comprised of 99% natural ingredients, the hand cream includes organic shea butter for repair, olive oil for nourishment, vegetable glycerine for moisture retention, and organic sweet almond oil for soothing effects. 

And lastly, the timeless Olive Cube—an absolute classic!


Marseille Soap Flakes

Marseille Soap Flakes for Laundry by La Corvette embody a legacy of purity and efficacy in household care. These soap flakes, crafted in the tradition of Marseille soap-making, offer a gentle yet powerful solution for laundering delicate fabrics and garments.  

Their natural composition, free from additives and harsh chemicals, ensures a mild yet effective cleansing action, suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. Infused with the essence of authenticity, these flakes carry the subtle, soothing fragrance of pure soap, leaving laundry with a clean and fresh scent. 


Almond Rotating Wall Soap 

The Almond Rotating Chrome Wall Soap box contains a chrome steel wall-mounted arm, complete with screws to fix to the wall and a stamp with the famous Provendi, as well as an almond milk soap to slot on the unit. 

With an impressive lifespan of approximately 800 washes per 295g soap, French wall soaps not only boast great aesthetics but also exceptional cost-efficiency. The initial design concept aimed to craft a holder that prevented the soap from contacting any surface, ensuring rapid drying and extending the product's lifespan while preserving its visual integrity. 

These classic wall-mounted soap dispensers embody a seamless blend of functionality, elegance, and durability. Provendi stands as the pioneering company behind the creation of the renowned rotating 'School' soap, presenting a perfect synthesis of practicality and timeless design.


Donkey Shaped Soap 

We thought we would finish off our list with something different – a Donkey Shaped Soap enriched with donkey’s milk 

This popular soap provides indulgence in something unique and charming—an adorable little donkey. Handcrafted using organic donkey's milk in the time-honoured tradition by a small, family-owned savonnerie, this unusual soap is made with entirely natural ingredients. 

The moisturising goodness of organic shea butter and donkey's milk, creates a creamy lather in this beautifully fragrant, creamy white soap. 


Find the Perfect Gift for Your Grandparents at Christmas 

Let these Christmas gift ideas serve as a heartfelt token of our love and appreciation for our incredible grandparents. May these unique and original gifts bring joy and festive cheer to warm the hearts of your cherished grandparents.  

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