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French Soaps, A Christmas Gift They Will Thank You For!

French Soaps are unique, affordable and luxurious; frequently multipurpose, they are a gift that people with thank you for. Traditionally crafted, free from Nasties, useable and thoughtful our range covers every taste and style and budget. Everyday luxuries for everyone in your life! Children, Parents, Grandparents, friends & Colleagues we have small fun gifts for Secret Santa, useable and practical stocking fillers and full on gifts to suit even the most difficult person to buy for!

Our Best French and Natural Soaps for Christmas Gifts 

Where to start with so much choice? We have put together a guide below. Should you need some help in choosing the perfect gift just call us and we can help! Our telephone number is 01423 803080. We can guide you through allergens, and fragrances and formulations and more!

Whoever you are buying for here are our top picks we think they will remember you for.

Almond & Honey Gift Box

This is a beautiful gift from one of the oldest Savonneries in Marseille, Fer a Cheval. Natural Fragranced soaps, a hand cream and a small cube of classic original Savon de Marseille. Everyone we have seen open one of this boxes has exclaimed ‘wow, that’s lovely’.

2kg Bar of Savon de Marseille

This is a statement! The Most Versatile Soap you can buy, 100% natural and totally traditional.

Almond Rotating Wall Soap Chrome

Iconic, fun and practical, whoever you buy this for will thank you for years. A present you will always be remembered for! Available in Brass, Brushed Steel and Chrome, and 6 fragrances.

Eau de Toilette

A classic present, our small range of Eau de Toilette is available in Fig, Verbena, Patchouli and Rose. Pure fragrances from Grasse.

Natural Soap Gifts for Her

Where to start? There is so much to choose!

Almond & Honey Scented Water

We suggest you consider a Fragranced Water – a true multipurpose scent that can be worn as a fragrance, used as an ironing water or as a pillow spray. What’s not to love?

Flowers of Provence

A bundle of beautifully fragranced organic shea butter fragranced soaps. Add a soap dish too!

Reed Diffuser

Always a popular present, our Diffusers from Geodesis are Gift that please! Try Fig, a year round classic fragrance to fill her room with scent.

Natural Soap Gifts for Him

We’d never assume anyone’s taste however we can share with you some of the soaps our male customers rate highly. For Him, useable gifts are thoughtful and imaginative, yet practical and welcome.

The Man Trio

Classic, big, chunky and long lasting Shower & Bath Bars, formulated with Shea Butter, Glycerin and provencal fragrances. A Bestseller!

Aqua Manderin

Think Eau d'Cologne with a citrus twist and formulated with 97% natural ingredients. This Coconut Oil Liquid Soap is a present he will remember you for. 

Aleppo Soap

Made using Laurel Essential Oil, this is a traditional ‘baked’ soap that slightly more suited to normal -oilier skin than Dry. Many of our male customers love it.

Gift Sets and Boxes

Whilst we all love to carefully choose the ‘perfect’ gift for everyone we are buying for, sometimes there is too much choice or not enough time. Our Gift Sets are ready to go, easy and tend to sell out so shop soon if this is your thing.

White Tea & Yuzu

A contemporary fragrance from the Oldest Savonnerie in Marseille. This Gift Set from Fer A Cheval includes a fragranced Liquid Soap, a fragranced Soap Bar, a fragranced hand cream and a classic 100g cube of Savon de Marseille.

The Patchouli Box

For those that love a retro vibe, this gift includes a Patchouli Candle from Geodesis plus fragranced soap bars in different formulations. You could even add a Patchouli Eau de Toilette if you wanted to spend more.

The Christmas Box

A jam packed box of Christmas Fragranced product including a Cedar soap that will last around 800 washes and one of our renowned Diffusers.

Christmas Home Fragrances

Goedesis make exquisite fragrances that rival some of the most renowned French Perfume Houses eg Diptique, yet being formulated in Britany in an owner operated business the cost is a lot more affordable. With unique fragrances are blended to evoke memories of world travel rather than a designed around a particular ingredient they are guaranteed to prompt positive comments from anyone that smells them! You can select from bestsellers including Agar Wood or Neroli, or enjoy the warmth of ‘Tonka’ or Clove. What ever you choose to use yourself or to gift we know you will be delighted.

Agar Wood

Our best selling fragrance, warm rounded and gorgeous!

Scandinavian Fir

Limited Edition for this Christmas, this will really elevate your Christmas Theme to a new level.


Warm, rich and perfect for cold evenings. Unisex and a truly unique and enjoyable fragrance.

Explore our full range of Christmas home fragrances.

Stocking Fillers

It’s frequently the ‘little extras’ that delight recipients the most and we are really well placed to help you with this. 

Donkey Shaped Shea Butter Soap With Rose Oil

Our top picks include our range of Teddy Bear Shaped Soaps and Donkey Shaped Soaps, all formulated with Shea Butter and fragranced with Honey, Lavender or Rose. We also have two shaped soaps made using Donkeys Milk.

DIY Soap

Our second pick is one of our rotating soaps for those that love to cook or get stuck into DIY. Both these soaps are formulated with natural ingredients to effortlessly degrease or remove odours.

Almond 100g Cube

Our third pick would be a small 100g cube of fragranced soap. They look really special, they are easy to use and come in a variety of beautiful fragrances.

Explore our full stocking filler range.

Secret Santa

This is the one to have some fun with, who have you drawn in this year’s Secret Santa?

For the person always spilling coffee in the office, choose a legendary stain removing bar! Or for the confectionary loving colleague, we have a Toffee Apple-fragranced soap bar. Somebody that’s just completed Movember? How about a shaving soap? For the Eco Warrior – a Cube of Savon de Marseille. And for the ‘tidy the office kitchen police’, a multi surface spray!

From our extensive range of soaps we have gift options for every budget and all tastes. Our products are a particularly good choice for that that prefer or require totally natural soaps’ and those that proper French Fragrance. Basically, whatever you choose, they will thank you for it!

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Choose Your Christmas Gift With French Soaps

Last minute emergency presents? We ship with DHL for fast UK delivery so your Christmas gift can arrive quickly if there is something you have forgotten to buy!

Also, for more gift inspiration, explore our full Christmas range as well as Christmas gifts for grandparents.

French Soaps import authentic, original and traditional, ‘proper French soaps’, we are experts in our products and Happy to Help you find the ‘perfect’ gift for whoever you are buying for. Call us on 01423 803080 or use our 'live chat' function.