Flowers fit for the Queen

Flowers fit for the Queen


The D Day memorial celebrations have captured the world's attention and the stories of bravery, courage and sheer audacity on a massive scale have left us wondering in awe. As part of these tributes you may have heard how France have honoured the Queen by renaming the famous Flower Market in Paris after her; Marche aux Fleurs - Reine Elizabeth II. 

We at Frenchsoaps think that this is so wonderful it has inspired us to put together a Flower Market collection with special floral offers to make your day.

The French are experts in the perfume industry. The perfumes used in our home fragrances are of very high quality, made with essential oils and essences from locally produced flowers and herbs and then made in Grasse the centre of the French Perfumery industry. Lavender, Rose, Verbena, Jasmine and Fleur d'Orange are all fine examples of how the wonders of nature in Provence produce the most beautiful single scent fragrances all so pure it's like having a bunch of fresh cut flowers in your home.

Using fragrance in your home can lift your spirits, calm and soothe nerves and create atmosphere. It is the final piece in the home styling jigsaw - but you don't need to have a big budget to get high quality scenting in your home. Our collections are fantastic value for exceptionally high quality natural perfume. We also have refills which offer even more value. Layer the fragrance in your home use candles, diffusersroom sprays and pillow sprays to gently build fragrance; create background fragrancing or spritz for clear bursts of scent. See our ranges by Durance and Geodesis for beautiful home fragrances. 

Enjoy our Flower Market collection and look out for our special Summer special offers