Natural soy wax scented candles, handmade in France

Natural soy wax scented candles, handmade in France

In our opinion no one does candles quite as well as the French; they combine their perfume excellence with a heritage of candle making. We've got a range of fabulous scented candles in an array of scents perfect for the season like Orange & Cinnamon, Sandalwood and Salted Caramel (yes!) as well as the classic fragrances of Provence such as Lavender, Verbena, Rose and Fig.

Candles are perfect for creating atmosphere with their soft glow and scents for every mood; to detox and invigorate your home, to freshen your kitchen whilst cooking, to bring sophistication and elegance in the evening or for relaxing in a warm bath at night. 

All our candles are made with natural Soy wax with fragrances from Grasse, they are handpoured and the wicks added by hand, see the photo above of Najet making our candles!

Natural candles, beautiful scents at great prices. Here are some of our favourites! 

Christmas perfect! Cinnamon & Orange


The sophisticated scent of Bergamot

Fresh scented Marseille Candle - light in your kitchen when cooking to cleanse the air.