A Day Trip to the Savonnerie

A Day Trip to the Savonnerie

A day trip to the savonnerie is always a treat. Meeting the people who we have such regular contact with, seeing new products, sniffing new fragrances and looking at new machines in the soap manufacturing and milling room. This year it was particularly good - not having been able to visit for a while and lots of closures due to Covid19 having made normal communication tricky.


Here are Bernard and his wife Nadjet who own and run one of the savonneries we have had a long relationship with. Their daughter is also involved in the business. They are an amazing family! Hardworking, dedicated artisans making authentic soaps in a traditional way. Bernard is like a human dynamo charging around the savonnerie showing me the machines, grabbing soaps, smelling fragrances, taking coffee  - it was exhausting and exhilarating at the same time! And the two savonnerie dogs were hilarious, they weren't allowed in the building but followed us around outside looking through every window - so adorable. 


The photo's above show the process of making soap, the base soap (natural marseille soap) seen in the bucket, the mixing and milling machine, the beautiful brass stamps used to stamp each fragrance bar and the finished product - boxed up and labelled for Sandra (we have many more boxes piled high!) 

After our trip to the Savonnerie we went for lunch (of course) to a small village called Maubec. It was about 40 degrees but a fabulous fresh salad in the shade on the terrace was very enjoyable. Lots of chilled fizzy water but we said no to wine - we decided they wouldn't want two Brits snoozing on the sofa in the back!


Bernard and Nadjet supply our fragrant Marseille soaps along with the Liquid Marseille soaps all made by them in their savonnerie and made especially for us. Have a look at the new multibuys we have put together since our return CLICK HERE

To see the whole collection of solid soap (plastic wrap free) CLICK HERE 

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