What has Lavender ever done for us?

What has Lavender ever done for us?

Lavender is one of the quintessential fragrances of Provence and I have always loved the crisp and aromatic scent, even when it was out of fashion. But hey, now Lavender is BIG news. The scent is just so versatile - its not too flowery, not too bland, appeals to both sexes and is great as a perfume to spritz on your body or around your home. It's the most comforting scent in the world for your bed linen and pillow AND has so many health benefits that I really think that Lavender should be an ESSENTIAL part of our daily lives.

Did you know? It is thought that the name Lavender comes from the Latin word lavandula, which comes from the Latin verb lavare which means “to wash” as the Romans used lavender to scent their bathwater and as a cleaning agent. 

So, talking of the Romans (in true Monty Python style) - What has Lavender ever done for us? 

  • Supports a positive wellbeing: Calming effect on the mind and body, helping to reduce irritability and stress. 
  • Soothes your skin and muscles: naturally antiseptic and anti inflammatory, anti fungal and anti parasitic. Soothing to skin, promotes healing and when used in an oil for massage or a bath/shower can help aching muscles to relax. 
  • Helps promote peaceful sleep: Spritz pillows and bed linen with Lavender essences, breathe in calming and soothing scent. Recent research has shown that Lavender oils and essences can be as effective as medicinal intervention for insomnia (especially in the elderly). Lavender oils are also effective against throat and chest problems - vapours help to relieve congestion, again aiding peaceful sleep.
  • Cleansing and washing: due to Lavender's natural disinfectant and anti bacterial properties the addition of Lavender essential oils to soaps makes perfect sense. Anti-bacterial action coupled with a beautiful fragrance. Perfect for use as ironing water for bed linen too.
  • Air purifying - Lavender scented candles and room sprays are extremely effective at removing unpleasant smells, I find that a Lavender candle in the kitchen works really well after cooking fish

So if you haven't already got a bit of Lavender in your life why not give it a try? Plant some Lavender in your garden, sooth your hands with our Lavender hand cream, wake up to a Lavender shower with shower gel or soap and spritz your pillow for a peaceful night with our Pillow perfumes. See how this ancient plant can work wonders for you.

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