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September 1982. I’m on a high. The show I’ve just left on the
Edinburgh Festival Fringe has had them queuing round the block for
tickets. Now we’re in the south of France in the hills above the tiny
medieval town of Cahors enjoying some well-earned wine.

Later that same early autumn week we’ll head into the market and pick
up a bar of Savon de Marseille. Nothing changes, yet nothing is the
same. When we head to England I crack open this 600 gram whopper and
discover a small, yet really quite large, miracle.

For the moment we’ll call it soap, but it’s too small a word. I’ll
find that this festival of olive oil washes: hair, body, children,
small animals, you name it. It leaves a softness without the scent of
a manufactured promise. Keep it in the bathroom, use it on your teeth.
There’s little escape.

Sadness. There’s nowhere now, in these uncertain early 1980s, where I
can repeat the experience. I hunt high, low and long and the dream
becomes a memory, more uncertain as the days go by.

Then just towards the end of the decade I happen on a French market,
close to home. They’ve set up for the day and there are baguettes and
tartiflette, saucisson and Sancerre, and yes – Savon de Marseille.

I grasp a handful eagerly, rush home and throw myself into the shower.
My wife thinks I’m having an affair. In a way, I am.

That uncertainty though: where am I going to find a regular fix? Who’s
going to be my Savon supplier?

Now, I rest easy. I buy them online from I date
them. Yesterday, some ten weeks after I unwrapped this bar, I wrote a
new date on the next bar. I will never run out again. J Alfred
Prufrock measured out his life in coffee spoons.

I prefer to use Savon de Marseille.