Taking a salt bath  "one of 11 things men should do as they age"

Taking a salt bath "one of 11 things men should do as they age"

I was sitting sipping coffee after a gym session (feeling like a jellly - first gym session for quite some time) and flicking through The Times Magazine this Saturday, when I came across a really interesting article on things that men and women should be doing as we hit a certain age. All good stuff really - for us women the advice was; eat less, drink more water, skip daily (um not sure about this one), don't run marathons (well OK then), do Pilates and keep dancing amongst many others. For men, the piece of advice that caught my eye was "take salt baths" oooh I thought - Frenchsoaps can help with this! 

Our all natural bath salts are made with Camargue sea salt from Provence in the South of France. The salt marshes in the Camargue region have been "farmed" since Roman times (and probably before then too). By the 17th century it was serious business and a major source of trade for the region, as well as being absolutely essential to the production of Savon de Marseille in the city of Marseille not far away. The delicate salt crystals (Fleur de sel) form on the surface of the water in the shallow pools and are harvested by hand with a large flat shovel in accordance with time honoured traditions.

It is completely unprocessed and to this wonderful natural product natural essences from Grasse (the perfume centre of France) are added, making this the perfect salt bath soak! 

Available in 3 classic fragrances: Lavender - aromatic and intense, Verbena - fresh and citrusy, Rose - soft and floral. 400ml big bottles for £8 try them now and lie back and relax! Click HERE to see the product