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Scent: hints of a time past and future possibilities

It's a fact. I LOVE fragrance; the smell of flowers, the first hit of spring cut grass, the heady wafts of Jasmine on holiday and the smoke from the wood burning stove. For me scent can act like a time machine and a sudden waft of perfume can take me back to a time past; grandparents to me were cigar smoke and Oil of Ulay. Rive Gauche is like speed dial to the 70's with visions of my mother sophisticated, glamourous and modern. Anais Anais takes me back to the 80's feeling all grown up and CKOne to me was the scent of the 90's fresh and unisex, an era of great change; the end of the Cold War, the Golf GTI, Pulp Fiction. And striding into the new millenium designer scents stole our hearts as we swooned over Marc Jacobs and Chloe.

So where are we now in the world of scent? Well we've got it all and how lucky are we? New perfumes, designer perfumes, old heritage perfumes, independents, small producers and own label brands. You can dab a bit of history with Creed or Joy by Jean Patou at eye watering prices (knowing that royalty do so too) or pop to Topshop and buy their latest fashionable spritz and in my opinion they are both worth doing!!

My favourite scents of the moment: 

Jo Malone - Pomegranite Noir 

Hermes - Eau de Rhubarbe Eclat

Panier des Sens - Eau de Provence

Plantes et Parfum - Pomegranite and Hibiscus

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