Rosehip Precious Oil for the face

Rosehip Precious Oil for the face
I want to tell you about one of our new products - Pure Organic Precious Rosehip Oil (Rose Musk) for the face. We were introduced to it by one of our specialist suppliers in Provence who have a range of pure organic Essential Oils and Facial Oils of exceptional quality. We have long been fans of Argan Oil and Prickly Pear Seed Oil and use it daily so we were intrigued and very excited to try this NEW facial oil.
We've been using it for a few months now and love it. I use it at night, but you can use it in the morning too as it is classed as a dry oil (meaning that it is easily and quickly absorbed into the skin).
I didn't know this at the time but Rosehip Oil has a bit of a celeb following including the Duchess of Cambridge, Victoria Beckham and Miranda Kerr ......but why??
Well it's packed full of vitamins, anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids and is famed for it's anti-ageing properties as well as being regenerative, super moisturising and helping to reduce fine lines and blemishes. It is also said to help inflammed skin and can be used to reduce the effects of eczema and reduce scars. The other thing about all facial oils is the pure and simple nature of the product. There is only one ingredient in this ingredient list (compare that to any moisturiser you know!) and this product is 100% organic cold pressed oil. 
Anyway - does it work I hear you say? Well I have found it a delight to use (2 drops every night) - it is soothing on my skin and easily absorbed and I think it has made a genuine difference to the look of my skin; helping to balance patchy dry skin and oily areas and give me a more radiant look.
Why not give it a try? I use only 2 drops a night so a 50ml bottle goes a long way. I have been using my bottle now for 3 months and it's still going strong.
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