We know what it's like having sensitive skin - my husband and son are both sensitive lads and Sandra has always suffered from dry flaky skin, often irritated by perfumes or chemicals. This was one of the driving forces for us setting up Frenchsoaps; from our regular trips to France for family holidays we are well versed with the benefits of natural Olive Savon de Marseille and the amazing effect on sensitive and problem skin. It is the combination of a completely natural and very small number of ingredients and the pure olive oil which is one of nature's great wonders that makes Marseille soap gentle, moisturising and anti-bacterial.

We talk to lots of customers who buy natural Savon de Marseille for themselves and their families and this is what some of them say:

  • "Best soap ever- I have used this Olive Savon de Marseille for ages, it really lasts well and is kind to skin, hair and teeth, I spend a lot of time outdoors and this really soothes and calms. Great price too, long may it continue"
  • "It has a great smell and a lovely lather and its great for sensitive skins. I use it on my 2 year old and her dry skin has gone. Its a fab soap"
  • "love this soap! As well as using in the bath, I also use in my washing machine instead of regular detergent, and my clothes come out clean and fresh every time"
It's a great family soap - why not give it a try? And we've got some NEW prices that make it fantastic value. 
Olive and Natural Marseille cubes at £4.50 (or buy at £3.95 with our multi-buy special offer) or if you want the big 600g cubes these are even better value £6.50 or multi-buy price of £6