How come Donkey's are good for Itchy skin? Am I being an Ass?

How come Donkey's are good for Itchy skin? Am I being an Ass?

My skin drives me mad it is white doesn't tan, has unevenly distributed freckles, constantly gets bitten by anything that flies or crawls.

Added to this is the fact that loads of things that I put on it to 'help', makes my eczema even worse and covered in an even more unsightly rash. Guess what? I then scratch my skin even more and on and on we go.

I now live in a  world of pretty and fragrant natural French soap.... great! But actually even some of these soaps make me itch; I appear to be allergic to natural things!

Discovering what I am allergic to and what I am not is often an unpleasant voyage of discovery I am sure many of you know exactly what I am talking about!

So just for information about my personal current favourite soap that does not make me itch or come out in any kind of rash, is the Apricot Donkey's Milk scrub. This contains apricot, sweet almond oil and of course Donkey's Milk! Not only is it non irritating, it gently exfoliates making my skin feel fresh and fantastic. The French are big fans of Donkey's Milk and buy it by the bucket load as they know it has high levels of natural fats which help soften your skin.

On our recent visit to Provence we came back with a small supply of this Apricot Scrub from our new perfumer and savonniere, Plantes & Parfums  and I am getting through it fast so if you want to try it I would hurry up!