French laundry

French laundry

A laundry and linen collection, perfect for sensitive skin and delicate clothes and with beautiful natural fragrances for your linen, drawers and cupboards. Bring some fresh clean Provence style into your home.

Take a leaf out of the French housekeeping and use natural Marseille soap for laundry washing, especially hand washing. These natural blocks and bars are amazing at removing grease and stains and have the added benefit of being kind to your skin as well as being biodegradable. Use it in the block form to rub on stains or grate the soap and add to your warm water. I have used the Marseille Laundry bar rather spectacularly for removing old oil splash stains from a very posh shirt of mine that to be honest I thought was ruined for ever. It had been stained with a salad dressing and I had washed it several times without the stains budging, so I was quite cynical that anything else was going to work. I wet the stained area and wet the laundry bar and created a lather by rubbing it in my hands, I then rubbed this very gently onto my shirt. I let it sit for about 5 minutes or so and then popped in the wash as normal. The oily stain came out! It was one of those little miracles that made me feel very happy! Why not try it yourself? 

There are lots of other things in this Laundry collection that we love: pillow perfumes to spritz your bed linen, fragrant room sprays to fill your bedrooms with Spring freshness, scented laundry water to make ironing easier and scented envelopes for your cupboards.  
All of these products are natural products, made with natural essences and plant essential oils from Provence.

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