Man and Boy, a good clean game

Man and Boy, a good clean game

It’s Autumn. That means the cricket whites have been lovingly washed, folded and put away, the pads, bats, helmets and oversized holdalls stored in a cupboard for another year and the men and boys in your household have once again gone back to sports involving round or oval balls.

We all know that our sportsmen are a little more conscious about their scent and appearance in this day and age. We have the lovely David Beckham to thank for that ..... hmmm.

So why not fold a beautiful Marine or Menthol French soap in their towel before they drop it into their sports-bag. Or pop a L'Ome for men shower gel or eau de cologne in their wash-bag, to calm their combative souls. And as the last rays of Autumn sunshine are replaced by the cold Northerlies, make sure they have our L'Ome shaving cream and L'Ome moisturiser for their delicate complexions.

After all, we do love them especially when they look good and smell good.



Back to school and the return of Autumn