What a load of Lemons

No longer what a lemon on the soap front? The wall mounted soap dispenser has made our bathrooms, laundry rooms, garden sheds and kitchens into places where washing hands is easy even for the laziest amongst us.

Once the unit is on the wall (OK this does require a drill) then simply place either the lemon, lavender, donkeys milk? kitchen or gardeners rugby ball shaped soap onto the unit and off you go. Wash your hands again and again, the soap keeps rotating round.

The soap smells fantastic, is made in France from natural ingredients and lasts for ages before you simply replace it with another refill. 

If the mere word drill sends you slightly dizzy then look out for our Argan Oil citrus spring offer, 4 organic argan oil soaps; Citron, Verbena, Verbena Citron and Citron Vert all for only £10.

Zesty, fresh and bright citron is a firm Frenchsoaps favourite. x