FIGS yes Figs!

FIGS yes Figs!

We adore Figs and love eating them in both sweet and savoury dishes and we LOVE the Fig scent. It is such a sophisticated fragrance: sweet and heady as well as deep and musky (how does it do that?). Very fashionable. Very unisex. Perfect for both day and evening time. Here are some great Fig treats for you ........just don't try and eat them.

Figs usually go on sale in France around August 20, but this year’s heat has brought the harvest early

France produces 4000 tonnes of figs a year which thrive in the Mediterranean region and can be found in many gardens and villages all around Provence (much to our delight).

In France, Languedoc-Roussillon is noted for its fig production. The Figue de Solliès is the most widespread, accounting for 75% of the market. Other varieties include the Rouge de Bordeaux, the Sultane, the Marseillaise, the Noire de Caromb and the Goutte d'or. 

The Figue de Solliès is an appellation d'origine contrôlée and an appellation d'origine protégée, classifications which recognise and protect regional specialities.

Louis XIV was reportedly a big fan of the fruit, and planted 700 fig trees in his garden. It is believed the Greeks introduced the fruit to France.

Figs can accompany savoury or sweet dishes, have a low calorie count, and contain a good dose of dietary fibre and essential B vitamins. They can be turned into jam, included in tarts or alongside cheese, and can even be made into wine. We love all of this of course (especially Fig jam) but for us is the Fig scent that we adore and have a small range of authentic French soaps, candles, colognes and body products that use the Fig fragrance spectacularly well.

And in true French style there are several annual Fêtes de la Figue that take place across France. In Solliès-Pont in the Var a fig festival will run from August 25 to 27, and in Le Mas D’Azil in the Ariège there will be a festival from September 30 to October 1.

Thanks to The Connexion: French News and Views for the latest info on Figs in season!