Sprays and scents for your bedroom, wardrobes and linens

Sprays and scents for your bedroom, wardrobes and linens

Pillow sprays and scented sachets make great gifts but more importantly they are REALLY USEFUL! Pillow perfumes create a relaxing and calming bedroom and aid restful sleep and in our house became an essential part of my son's night time routine when he was little! He loved the soothing scent on his pillow at night. I love to leave them on the bedside table when I have guests to stay - such a treat! The little bottles of scent make great gifts and are an idea product to keep in your present drawer, spot on to take as a little gift when invited for supper and, most of all, perfect to keep and use each night as a "me" treat.

Our scented sachets are fabulous - we love these so much! they are so genuinely useful as well as pretty. They have a fantastic strong scent that is very long lasting, perfect to pop in drawers, cupboards, luggage, small rooms or your car. We have several different types - pretty paper sachets with vintage French designs and embroidered linen bags. 

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Giant diffuser!
Anti-ageing organic Argan Oil and Prickly Pear Seed Oil